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Why this website?

As a young geeky farmer, previously scientist, following a 811 lifestyle, it seemed useful to me to be able to easily access pratical informations facilitating this lifestyle wihout asking the same questions over again in forums.
So I decided to create this website so that everyone interested by this lifestyle can access these informations.

To know us, a little story

Stéphane and Claire are happy to see you here. They live together, with their two sons in Andalusia, and want to share with you their passion for outdoor sports, Nature, and the best nutrition.
They both received a scientific education, and both hold PhDs, Stéphane in physics and acoustics, and Claire in material science. They also graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle in Paris.
Stéphane is also an avid mountain biker, riding bikes since he can remember, and a cross country runner. He is always ready to go out on a new adventure!
Claire is an accomplished athlete, with several participations in French national championships, both in track and field heptathlon and cross country running.
They always enjoyed organizing events, for their friends at the beginning, and then for the
Raw Fruit Festival. They hope they will be able to share with more people and keep living according to their ethics, free from dogmas.
Stéphane and Claire have been eating a raw fruit based diet since 2004, while they were living in California, working in research at the University of California, San Diego UCSD. But they decided to quit their positions for ethical reasons, and to start a new life on a farm in Andalusia, Spain, for freedom and to live closer to nature and their ethics.
Since, they have been working on their farm, planting trees, a garden, restoring old houses, and building new eco-houses, and gave birth to their two sons Moya and Djao.
The farm is managed following permaculture principles, with water conservation and storage systems, erosion control, cover cropping, wild herbs and plants preparation for fertilizing and pest controls etc.
They built their home themselves. A natural building consisting of a timberframe (with local wood), strawbales, and earth and clay plasters. Of course, the energy for the house is solar, since the house is totally off grid. Stéphane also designs and installs solar systems for people in the area.
Even if their timetable is pretty full with the farm, two young kids, they still manage to find the time to train on a regular basis, mainly for running, mountain biking, swimming. If you want to live/try/experience the 100% raw fruit and fitness lifestyle while learning about permaculture and organic farming, a natural lifestyle, you are at the right place!
Every year in late August, they organize the Raw Fruit Festival in the Genal Valley of Andalusia, and hope to see you there!

Terms of use for the Raw Fruit Festival registration service

Please read carefully the terms of use of the online registration service for the Raw Fruit Festival.

- By creating an user profil on the registration service, the user agrees with the terms of user of the service, and that his account might be blocked by the administrator if the terms of user are not followed.

- The administrator of the service can contact the user by email in order to inform the user about updates of the service or about his registration to the festival.

- All user not respecting the terms of use can have his account blocked and be contacted by the administrator. The account of the user may be unblocked once the terms of use are followed.

- Personal informations given by the user can be used by the administrator to contact the user regarding his registration and other services of interest. No personal informations are being sold or passed to third parties.

- Personal informations such as Name, Country and the user picture can be viewed by all the visitors of the website. The informations regarding the transportation used by the user, the number of children, the city and the short description can be viewed by the other users of the service only. The informations email, street adress, flight numbers and time of arrival or departure are not public, and can be viewed by the administrator and the organizers of the festival only.

- All personal description on the personal page of the user cannot contain racial, sexual, defamatory, or offensive content.

- A messaging system is available for the users of the registration service in order to facilitate the communication between the users, and help organize shared travels. Only the users registered for the festival can send messages to other users.

- A message can be sent to another user from the personal of this user, but the email adress of this user cannot be viewed. By replying to a message the user make his email adress accessible to the user who contacted him.

- A message can also be sent to the friends of the user, after the user enters the email adresses of his friends manually. The email adresses of the friends are not saved on our servers, and the friends of a user will not receive communication from our registration service later.

- By moderacion of the service, the messages sent through our registration service may be monitored by the administrator. Any message detected with negative content about the festival or the organizers, racial, diffaming, sexual or offensive content will lead to the blocking of the account of the user.

- All registration to the Festival will be considered final once payment is made. All users will receive a confirmation message the month preceding the Festival with the informations needed to make the payment for the Festival.

- To be eligible for the couple discount, two persons have to be able to justify sharing an intimate relationship, living together, or a legal bond. The final decision for eligibility will be made by the organizers.

- Except with the agreement of the organizers, the user must fully pay the Festival fees before the Festival begins.

- All participants to the festival give the right to the organizers of using the images, pictures and videos taken during the festival for promotion. The organizers agree not to share or sell those images, photos and videos to any third party.

- The Raw Fruit Festival will not share personal informations of the participants with third parties.

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